December 4, 2015

Yesterday it snowed and snowed and then it snowed some more. This morning all that snow was the perfect "packy" consistency so I bundled Lincoln up into warm clothes and wheeled him out through the dining room door into the courtyard. He snoozed while I made a snow person, a tilty, lumpy, big-nosed being with pebble teeth. He/she stands in front of the big windows that flank the door, easily seen from inside the cottage. 

When we were finished, I pushed the code to open the door a number of times and, tho' the light always flashed green, the door wouldn't open. I waved at the few residents who had been watching us. They waved back. I pointed at the door handle. They smiled. I smiled back and waved again. And so on.

I wasn't worried. Lincoln was warmly dressed and I had my cellphone. I knew there were staff members just out of sight. 

But, for a moment or two, I got to enjoy this sweet, funny moment—Lincoln's cottage mates on the inside and Lincoln and I on the outside, just the other side of the glass and nothing but affection between us. Wave, point, smile. 

Every day has its moments of gold. Some are just brighter than others.